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Welcome to the little $togie farmer a site where we will be exploring some cannabis, the growing of some of the strains available. We are going to concentrate on high THC strength strains and are going to explore the myths and hype looking for the facts: what gets you high. We will look at the different highs examining the pros and cons of the effects of these exotic strains of weed.


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The Grow in outline.


OG Kush

A cross of (Chemdawg x Hindu Kush) x Ruderalis. An Indica dominant hybrid with 2 distinct phenotypes, one with purple hues and one without. Piney, earthy yet sweet flavours and aromas. You can expect a yield of around 450g/m2 with a flower period of 70-80 days. A great display of trichomes late in the flower and THC levels of up to 23%. A short stocky plant that grows between 80-130cm.



Runtz seeds are a cross of Runtz x BF Super Auto #1. After the success of their of Runtz Feminized, Barney’s Farm have now created the auto flowering version. Delivering the same outstanding product in auto form, just with a faster life cycle of up to 70 days as well as an average plant height of 120cm.


Nova OG

Nova OG Seeds took two years to finesse. A cross of Anesia Seeds multi cup winning Nova OG and their in house Runderalis. An indica dominant automatic hybrid that produces a thick dense canopy as well as high yields of up to 500 g/m². THC content can reach up to 24% making it one of the strongest automatic seeds on the market at the moment.


Purple Kush

Purple Kush Seeds, a cross of Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani. A Pure Indica strain with Two main phenotypes, one green and one purple. A short bushy plant due to its Indica lineage. Expect a fast flower cycle of around 63 days, as well as yields of 450g indoors. This genetic displays great productivity along with high THC levels of 20 to 25%. High resin production, makes this a great strain for the production of hash and other concentrates.


Gorilla Zittlez

A cross of Barney’s Cali Collection best seller, Gorilla Zkittlez (Gorilla Glue x Zkittlez), and BF Auto #1. The result is a 75% Indica dominant hybrid with. Indoors, expect an average plant height of around 80-100cm and good yields of around 450 g/m².


Critical banana Smoothie

Critical Banana Smoothie Auto Seeds are a beautiful cross of (Banana Punch x Critical) x Ruderalis. Selected for its unique and tropical profile as well as strong indica effects. Expect a complete life cycle of 70 days as well as huge yields of up to 700 g/m² indoors.


Sour Orange

Sour Orange Auto Feminized Seeds are a cross of the famous Sour Tangie and the Bakery’s in house Ruderalis. Also a 80% sativa dominant strain with 56 to 70 day flower period. Tested at 17% THC.


Wedding Cake

A cross of Wedding Cake x BF Super Auto #1. A 65% Indica dominant hybrid with indoor yields of up to 500 g/m² and a flowering period of 70-75 days. A medium height plant with THC levels tested at 25% with 2.4% CBD.


Gorilla Glue

A cross of Gorilla Glue and the next generation BF Super Auto #1. A 55% Indica dominant hybrid with indoor yields of up to 600g/m2 and a flowering period of 70 – 75 days.


Dos i Dos  

A cross of the infamous Dos Si Dos, and Barney’s BF Super Auto #1. A 65% Indica dominant hybrid with THC levels of 20% . Expect a flower period of roughly 70 to 75 days from seed. Indoors you can expect a harvest of up to 600gr/m².

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